Instrument Resources

Playing an instrument is a key part of music class for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade:

  • 1st Graders play handbells, boomwhackers, and Orff instruments (xylophone, glockenspiel, metallophone).
  • 2nd Graders play boomwhackers and recorders.
  • 3rd Graders play recorders and violins.
  • 4th Graders play recorders, violins, violas and cellos.

Starting in the 1st grade, every student learns how to read formal music notation on the treble clef staff. Learn more about how to read the signs in music in Music Vocabulary.

The instrument resources are in order by grade.


Handbell Resources (1st Grade)

Handbells are bells that we use our hands to play! Each colored handbell represents a different pitch on the musical scale.

Handbell Chart
Can you match each letter to each colored handbell?


Boomwhacker Resources (1st & 2nd Grades)

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes with different pitches depending on the lengths. The colors match the same pitches and colors of the handbells. You play the boomwhacker by striking the instrument on a surface. In music class, that surface is the ground!

Students have been working on the following mystery song:

Do you know what song this is?

Try to play the song, figure out a song you know, or compose your own song, using this Boomwhacker Set Online!


Orff Instrument Resources (1st Grade)

Orff instruments are different kinds of mallet instruments taught using the Orff-Schulwerk methodology. The Orff instruments we use in class are xylophones, glockenspiels and metallophones.

orff chart

Xylophones are percussion instruments with a row of wooden bars in order of length and pitch, played with yarn mallets.


Metallophones are percussion instruments with a row of metal bars in order of length and pitch, played with yarn mallets.


Glockenspiels are percussion instruments with a row of metal bars in order of length and pitch, played with wood mallets.


1st Graders are learning how to carefully setup the instrument based on the song that we learn, such as follows:


Use the Online Xylophone to play “Do at your bellybutton” and other New Bridges songs!


Recorder Resources (2nd & 3rd Grades)

Rules for Playing the Recorder

  1. Left hand on top, right hand on bottom
  2. Cover the holes completely
  3. Use gentle, soft air
  4. Sit/stand straight to play
  5. Make sure to point the recorder down

Soprano Recorder Chart

In class, we use the Recorder Karate Songs. Feel free to look over the songs at home and practice the fingerings on this Interactive Recorder Chart!

You can also practice reading notes at this Note Name Game.

Do you have an iPad? Play these games:


Violin Resources (3rd Grade & Violin Enrichment)

Parts of the Violin and Bow

Practice naming the parts of the violin at this Violin Parts Game.

Violin Fingering Chart

Learn how to play the different fingerings at this Interactive Fingering Chart.

Major Scales

amj dmj gmj


Learn more about the different major scales at Fretless Finger Guides.

Study a more detailed fingerboard chart.

You can practice reading notes at this Note Name Game.

Do you have an iPad? Play these games:

  • My Note Games: Free app for practicing ear training and note naming

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  1. Soraya Mercado says:

    dear ms.alice,i wondered if your family members master musicians.are they?anyway,i hope we can learn a lot while we’re still in elementary school! xoxo,soraya mercado!


    1. Dear Soraya,

      That is a great question!Mmy family members are not “master” musicians, but they all appreciate music and love to sing!

      I also definitely hope you can continue to learn a lot in music class!

      Sincerely, Ms. Alice


  2. genibel Jiménez says:

    Miss alice how much minutes do we practice on violin


    1. Hi Genibel,

      Please refer to your practice sheet, but at least 1 hour each day!

      Ms. Alice


  3. My. mom says:

    Dear, Ms. Alice. Where are. The. Games.😄😃☺.
    From JACKIE.


    1. Look and read carefully through the Instrument Resources section of the website!


  4. yannica says:

    dear,miss alice I wonderd if your brother was a”great” musician like u


    1. Hi Yannica,

      My brother is also a musician and plays the clarinet. I’m not sure either of us are “great” musicians, since we both need to keep practicing to get even better! But thank you for your compliment!

      Miss Alice


  5. yannica says:

    you weicome


  6. My. mom says:

    Ms.Alice. where. Are the. Games.😄😆😇😉😀😊😁😂😅😼😺👻👼.


    1. Dear Jackie,

      They are on the page you’re on! Make sure to read everything carefully 🙂

      Ms. Alice


  7. My. mom says:

    Alice. I. Don’t. See the. Games MsAlice.👰👸👼👍✋👆🎠🎭🎹🎺🎷🎻🎸🎤🎼🎶📼📀🐥🐹🐕🐶🐢 🐏🐇🐩🐈🐰🐑🐐🐓🐱🐀🐔🐺🐃🐣🐁🐭🐤🐂🐼🐋🐟🐆🐵🐒🐸🐘🐧🐼🐮🐴🐄🍶☕🍵🍼


  8. maisha says:

    ms alice Sabrina showed me the new song


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