Teaching Philosophy


Alice believes that every child can be a musician. Both singing and playing an instrument can be accomplished through hard work, diligence, high expectations and a willingness to learn – on both the teacher’s behalf and the student’s end. As a teacher, Alice caters her teaching to fit each unique student so that learning music is a creative process. Alice strives to instill strong foundations of musicianship in all her students. Being a musician is a fun, engaging and rewarding experience, and Alice is eager to share the journey of learning music with every student.

In her student teaching experience for her Master of Arts in Music Education, Alice has taught at P.S. 150 TriBeCa Learning Center and M.S. 131 Dr. Sun Yat Sen Middle School. At P.S. 150 she taught core music in grades Pre-K through 5, which included singing, Kodaly methodology, movement, literacy, comprehension, writing, and teamwork. Alice believes that the music classroom is the perfect place to blend various activities such that each student can learn in his or her own way while participating collectively as a class.

At M.S. 131, Alice taught strings classes, flute classes and piano classes through one-on-one sessions and sectionals. Alice worked with English language learners and taught music bilingually in English and Mandarin. Alice’s culminating thesis is an analysis of teaching ESL Chinese music classes as she breaks down the conceptuality and physicality of music itself.

Currently, Alice is the founding music teacher at P.S. 532 New Bridges Elementary in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She firmly believes in instilling the ability to read, compose and make music in each child. In the new arts-integrated school, Alice hopes to imbue a connection and love for music for each individual as she uses Kodaly and Orff methodologies in addition to her classical training as a pianist. Alice continues to reflect on her teaching methodology as she draws daily inspiration from technology and the world around her – specifically, New York City.

Feel free to learn more about the Music Curriculum Alice has developed at New Bridges Elementary.

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